Membership Plans & Pricing

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Membership into Legacy is structured much like that of a traditional golf club.


  • Join Legacy with a one-time Initiation Fee and remain current with the payment of club dues.
  • Members enjoy an unlimited number of outings & once in the club your only additional cost is fuel and a tip for the dockhands.
  • Member is NOT obligated or committed to any length of time in Legacy and may discontinue membership in the club anytime without penalty but would forfeit the Initiation Fee unless the membership falls under our reissue provision.
  • If you find you need or want to exit the Club, at any point after 10 seasons in the club, you may elect to present your membership for "Reissue" through Legacy. You will receive 50% of the Initiation Fee you paid or the then going rate for the Initiation Fee (whichever is less) when you supply a suitable prospect.

Destin Pricing: Contact- Fletcher Shackelford - 850-337-8388 ext.1

End of Summer Sale! Big savings on Initiation Fee for Members who join in August!   Promotion Deadline:  August 28! 

(Promotion pricing in red) 


Boat Club:

One Time Initiation Fee

Club Dues

Standard Membership $12,900 ($7650) $389 a month 
Weekday (Tuesday-Friday)   $2900 ($1990) 
$219 a month (Includes all single engine boats)
Buddy (Two people join together) $12,900 ($7650 - split)
$519 a month- split between two buddy members 
 Off season (November 1 - April 30th)  $4900  $1700 for the off season

Cruiser Club

One Time Initiation Fee

Club Dues

Standard Membership
$23,900  (currently full)
$595 a month 

*Military Plan 

One Time Set-up Fee

Club Dues

Access to single engine Boat Club fleet $490 Set-up Fee $290 a month (Full - call for waiting list)

 * New Military Program:  Must be active duty to qualify.  Membership is transferable to other active duty military. 


We Own the Boats...You Own the Memories