Frequently Asked Questions

What is Legacy Boating Club all about?

Legacy is about unlimited outings on the crystal clear waters along the Emerald Coast while we handle insurance bills, storage, maintenance, boat payments and cleaning.

Legacy is about value. Membership covers all costs associated with boating except the actual fuel you use and a tip for the dock staff.

Legacy is about meeting new friends. We keep a busy schedule of social events throughout the year so members can get to know each other and develop lasting relationships.

Legacy is about quality. From premium boats, to catered lunches, to attentive dock service, to safety training, to social functions - every aspect of Legacy Boating Club is top quality. Our attention to detail and quality earned Legacy the prestigious “Best of the Emerald Coast” award from Emerald Coast Magazine for “Best Boating Experience”, a category which includes all aspects of the boating industry and “Best Customer Service”.

How do I know there will be boats available?

Legacy has sent out over 20,000 launches since 2004. Over the years, availability has consistently been outstanding with 97.2% availability and 90.2% of our launches on the Member's 1st choice with 24 hours advance notice. Reservations can be made from spur-of-the-moment to six months in advance and you can have multiple reservations on the calendar. Think of it like you do a tee time at the country club. Just reserve a boat online when you're ready to entertain family and guests and we will have the boat detailed, clean and waiting for you. We carefully monitor the usage of each style of boat to make sure we have plenty of boats for our Members. Because Legacy is a dealer for the boat brands we use - we always have the ability to quickly add boats to our fleet.

How do I make reservations?

Reservations are made from your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Just login and click on which boat you want and we'll see you at the dock.

Can I apply my membership dues toward the purchase of a boat?

Yes. Up to 70% of your Initiation Fee can be applied toward a boat purchase from LBC Holdings, Inc. Many members join the club to try out different boat styles before purchasing the style they like best.

What type of boats do you have in the club?

The Club owns and maintains a variety of powerboats up to 42'. The fleet is custom picked to include the perfect style of boat for every boating activity on the crystal clear waters of the Gulf Coast. The pleasure boat fleet includes cabin cruisers, yachts, big bowriders (with heads) for skiing and tubing, pontoons and waverunners for fun and recreation. In our fishing fleet we offer twin engine center consoles, single engine center consoles, and bay boats for fishing the flats.

Is there a limit on the number of times per year you can boat?

No, we encourage you to get out on the water as often as your schedule allows.

How long can I keep the boat out?

Boating is permitted from dawn to dusk. Just let us know how long you plan to be out and bring the boat back before dark. We request that offshore boats are returned by 4:30 so we can clean and fuel them before the next mornings early launch. Yachts and Cruisers can be taken out overnight.

Do I need to own my own boat to join the club?

No, but if you own a boat with fewer than 50 hours, in pristine condition and if it is a match to our standard models, we will consider a trade-in for a Membership.

Who can I bring with me on a boat?

Anybody, as long as a member is on board.

How do you qualify the members?

The club is open to anybody regardless of their boating experience and boating skill level. We provide boater safety classes through Legacy Nautical School which range from basic operation for novices to offshore and overnight certification for experts.

How do I sign up?

Call us at 251-981-3434 to schedule a time to tour the fleet and facilities at any of our locations. If you decide to join the club we will complete your membership agreement and schedule your training at Legacy Nautical School and get you out on the water as soon as you are ready.

What does it cost to join?

Memberships include unlimited use of the Legacy fleet at your Home Port and reciprocity at all current and future Legacy locations.

Please click here for pricing and membership plans.

Are corporate/buddy memberships available?

Corporate plans are designed for companies who want to offer the club as a perk to employees and use the club for entertaining clients. Buddy memberships are for friends who want to reduce cost by sharing a membership. Please call 850-337-8388 for more information on corporate memberships.

As a Member, am I obligated for the length of the agreement or can I exit out of the club?

You may exit out of your membership anytime without any penalty but you will forfeit your entire initiation fee.

Can I transfer or sell my membership?

Memberships may be reissued (sold) back through Legacy anytime after 10 seasons in the club. Members receive 50% of what they paid in Initiation Fee or the then going rate for Initiation Fee, whichever is less, when they provide Legacy a suitable prospect to replace their membership.

Are there any daily usage charges?

No, you will have no usage charges. Your only cost is the fuel that you actually use and a tip for the dock hands. Additional services such as catered lunch for you crew or bait for fishing trips may be charged to your account.

What are your hours of operation?

Boating is permitted from dawn to dusk. Our standard hours of operation during the season are from 8:30 to 5:30 Tuesday through Sunday. Legacy is closed on Mondays to service the fleet. If you want to get out early to fish or stay out later to enjoy the evening, just let us know and we'll make the arrangements. Winter and off season hours are 9:00 to 5:00 Wednesday through Sunday. Legacy closes Christmas Eve through New Years Day to service the fleet.

Do I have reciprocity at other Legacy Locations?

Yes. Members are encouraged to boat from any of our locations. Several new locations are in the planning phase.

We Own the Boats...You Own the Memories