Compare to Boat Ownership


SouthWinds 2400 Sport Deck

Purchase price with tax, rigging shipping, instrumentation, and registration. $60,950
Market value after 5 years- depreciate 9.5% a year $31,998
Net loss of market value after 5 years $28,951
Finance cost- 20% down and 5% interest for 60 months $6451
5 year storage cost calculated at $14 a foot plus tax measured as length overall (LOA) in a dry stack marina $23,150
Insurance - 1.5% of the value of the boat $4500
Maintenance and cleaning assuming no major repairs in 5 years $4880
Estimated total 5-year cost of boat ownership $68,031
Estimated total 5-year cost of a Legacy membership - including Initiation Fee and Club Dues $29,664
Total savings of Boat Club versus Boat ownership $38,367
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