Legacy Nautical School

Legacy Nautical School provides top quality boat operation instruction for all boaters ranging from novices to experts. Classes are practical on the water coaching sessions conducted by our certified training staff. 

The mission of Legacy Nautical School is to make boating more enjoyable by making boating safer. Our students boat with confidence knowing that they have the knowledge and skills to make wise decisions at the helm providing maximum safety for their treasured passengers of family and friends.

Legacy Nautical School is open to the public. Whether you are a first time boat owner, new to boating on the local waters of the Emerald Coast or an experienced boater looking to improve your boat handling skills, Legacy Nautical School is here to serve you.

Legacy Boating Club Members and non-members may call 251-981-3434 to sign up for a training session. Training sessions for non-members are customized to apply to a specific boat or boating interest.

Level I - Boating Class 

The boating class is a 4 hour comprehensive water school covering all aspects of boating on single engine pleasure boats. Before coming to the class, students will be given a workbook to study. On water training includes comprehensive understanding of marine charts and navigation, confident docking in all conditions, anchoring (traditional and backing up to a beach) open water drills, man overboard drills, problem resolution, emergency protocol, boating safety protocol, club protocol, and study of the local waterways. Students will learn the systems and features of the large bowriders (customized for non-members). Following the class, students will take a written test. Students are required to pass the Level I written and water tests in order to take out any Legacy boats. 

Level IIA - Twin Engine Class 

The fishing class introduces twin engine operation and use of fishing electronics. In this 4 hour on water class, students will train on the 26’ twin engine fishing boats. Students will practice docking, backing into a slip, and close quarters maneuvering with throttles only, navigate the pass, and learn to run the vessel at maximum efficiency. Students will practice use of the fish finder and gain an understanding of reading the bottom. Students will practice use of the GPS by navigating to a fishing spot on the GPS, marking spots they discover and adding their own spots and holding over a spot. Once a student completes this class they have use of all boats in the Boat Club fishing fleet. 

Level IIB - Fishing Class (optional) 

This class is a fun outing teaching members fishing techniques and providing an opportunity for members to get to know each other. Three or four Members will go out with a captain on a 4 hour teaching trip. The captain will demonstrate trolling fishing techniques, bottom fishing techniques, line leaders and tackle, bait catching, fishing knots, offshore etiquette and bag limit rules and regulations. Students will demonstrate each task. Upon completion of the class, students will be better prepared to enjoy fishing the productive waters of the Emerald Coast. 

Level III - Yacht Class

The Yacht Class is a challenging, two day, comprehensive, hands on, coaching session designed to train students to be highly proficient in all aspects of operating a cabin cruiser. Members will captain the vessel through a series of challenging docking maneuvers including backing into a slip, maintaining vessel control in difficult situations and close quarters handling around other boats. Next, Members will captain a four hour simulated overnight trip including use of the generator, understanding the AC/DC power panels, understanding shore power, use of the air conditioner, TV/DVD, head, fresh water system, galley, lights, windlass, GPS, navigation and helm controls. Additionally, students will learn to diagnose and repair minor problems common to cruisers such as generator overheats etc. Once the Member is comfortable with the cruiser they take the boat without a trainer and practice all aspects of the class. For the final challenge of the class, the Member uses our training check sheet and teaches the class back to the trainer. Once this final challenge is completed we know the Member is an excellent operator and ready to  the cruisers. 

Since we've joined the club we’ve had nothing but exciting and enjoyable experiences on the water. The Legacy staff was very thorough in the initial safety and instructional training, and has consistently been courteous and helpful. They have gone above and beyond my expectations with regards to their assistance at the dock — everything from help with scheduling, loading and unloading gear to providing weather reports and general information. The dollar-to-pleasure ratio of joining the club versus owning a boat is really incomparable. With Legacy, there are no cleaning, maintenance, insurance, storage or dockage fees. You make a call and your fueled up boat is waiting for you."- Sam Emfinger

We Own the Boats...You Own the Memories