Member Testimonials

 "We have been members since 2004 and have thoroughly enjoyed it! We love the opportunity to be able to take out a fresh, clean boats every time and have the oppurtunity to enjoy our beautiful beaches in Florida." - Jim Boerma


"We have been members since 2005, when we bring our family and friends down to the beach it is a great new element, it's just a different way to enjoy the beach and water. We just absolutely love it!" - Pam King


 "The staff are all so willing and able to answer any questions and assist with anything. I certainly would recommend the Club to anyone!" - Chuck King


"I have been a member for 4 years now, and I can surely attest that it is worth every penny! The quality of the boats is outstanding and the variety of boats is outstanding." - C.E. Frazier


"The staff are great, they take care of the boats and maintain excellent condition and would recommend it to anyone who was looking to join." - Jeff Sanders 


"We have been members for 9 years, and what we love about the club is the convenience, the turnkey approach to it and the ease of use." - John Holahan


"I joined Legacy Boating Club because it was a good economic choice for me, I wasn't interested in losing the equity of owning a boat. It's fantastic! - Bob Seton


"It just makes it a lot easier than dealiing with the normal problems and complexity of boat ownership, but you get all the benefits anyway. It's been great! - Frank Watson


I have been a member for 6 years. Fantastic Club! I love the staff, everyone is so gracious and friendly. When you walk down the dock they just treat you like family. The thing I like most about the club is not having to mess with anything. Their tag line is 'We own the own the memories' and that is an absolute fact. WE love it here and many more years to come." - Wayne Burnette 


"We are so impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the equipment at Legacy…… it’s like belonging to a Country Club on the water." - Kit and Sue Sause


"I have been a member of the Legacy Boating Club since its start up. Myself and my guests have always been treated with nothing but professional courtesy."- Jim Parsons

"After having boats all of my life, when I purchased a second home in the Destin area, I began looking for a boat. My wife noticed an ad for Legacy Boating Club in the Destin paper. After investigating the Legacy program, I said "this is too good to be true". After 4 1/2 years, I continue to enjoy the boating experience as described to me originally. I have recommended the Club to several friends, who have become members. My wife and I have 10 grandchildren, and they are so excited to come to Sandestin and get in one of "Big Dad's" boats." - James Smith

"The Legacy Boating Club is probably the best kept boating secret on the Emerald Coast. Why buy a boat that will simply deteriorate and depreciate in your back yard when you can "own" a fleet of boats every year for the next 20 years? Plus, having a variety of boats available is great. I can sign out an offshore fishing boat this weekend and a bowrider for a lazy day at Crab Island the next. The staff is marvelous. They train the novice to be successful and worry-free. Every time you cast off or pull in they're always there to help lend a hand." - Scott Michie

"Legacy Boating Club is the answer to all of my family’s boating needs. From a family day at Crab Island, to an offshore fishing trip with friends, we have access to a style of boat that perfectly suits the occasion. This convenience along with the staff’s willingness to go the extra mile for the members, makes boating in Destin truly a pleasure!
Thanks Legacy! " - Shaun & Kim Eubanks and Kids

"Thank you for letting me be part of Legacy Boating Club. You truly have a 1st class operation. The crew has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. The boats are in great shape. Once again, thank you for making boating such a pleasure." - Steve Astrin

"Legacy is like a family. The boating is excellent but for me the best part is how well the staff treats my family and guests." - Clifton W. Emerson

"Since we've joined the club we’ve had nothing but exciting and enjoyable experiences on the water. The Legacy staff was very thorough in the initial safety and instructional training, and has consistently been courteous and helpful. They have gone above and beyond my expectations with regards to their assistance at the dock — everything from help with scheduling, loading and unloading gear to providing weather reports and general information. The dollar-to-pleasure ratio of joining the club versus owning a boat is really incomparable. With Legacy, there are no cleaning, maintenance, insurance, storage or dockage fees. You make a call and your fueled-up boat is waiting for you." - Sam Emfinger

"My wife and I just got off of the Waverunners at Bay Point. Thankkkkkkkk Youuuuuuu. We had so much fun! Neither one of us had ever been on one. The staff did a great job checking us out and explaining everything. The Bay was calm and the dolphins were out in numbers today. The ride was really stable and had lots of power. The addition of the Pontoon and the Waverunners was awesome. With all the different types of boats available, I seriously don't know why anybody would want to own their own boat. There is a boat for every need now. Thanks again for the excellent fleet of boats and the great staff you have managing them. My wife and I had a blast. We truly made some great memories today.
Thanks again!" - Thom Bachelder

"Having a boat with Legacy is like enjoying the grandchildren all day and being able to return them at night!" - Kit Sause

"We have owned boats for over 25 years! The club is fantastic. We have never enjoyed boating as much. Not only do we get a variety of boats to use, no storage dues, no maintenance and repairs to worry about but the people at Legacy are the cream of the crop! We highly recommend the club to the experienced boater and to the person thinking of buying a boat." - Susan and Howard Shapiro

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Legacy Boat Club. I sold my boat and have not had any regrets about it. The boats are great, the staff is excellent and the convenience is awesome. All of the Fun with none of the hassles. Legacy boating Club is the only way to go for Me!" - Dennis Lichorwic, DMD

"The Legacy Boating Club removes all the hassles out of saltwater boating. Whether we are fishing in the Gulf or bay, lounging on one of the many area beaches, enjoying an afternoon of fun at Crab Island or just sightseeing with friends, Legacy always has the perfect boat to meet our particular needs. Our favorite aspect of the club has to be the ease of entry and exit at the marina. After a long day of fun on the water, the last thing we want to do is spend time washing down the boat. Now all we do is tie up at the docks and walk away with very large smiles on our faces. The Legacy Staff are knowledgeable boaters and anglers and have been attentive to our every need, making our time on the water that much more enjoyable. Master Captain Jeremy Holcomb has even kept us up-to-date on changing weather conditions while we are out on the water. As an added bonus, we have met other club members that we now call friends! We could not be more pleased with our decision to join the Legacy Boating Club." - Jay & Betty Coppic

"When we first heard about Legacy Boat Club we thought they had a wonderful concept. …And having a variety of boats available for different situations was also appealing. It sounded too good to be true. Signing up was a no-brainer - and since then we have not been disappointed - in fact they have exceeded our expectations. Training in boat handling and safety has been excellent, availability of boats has not been a problem and the staff has been exceptionally helpful and friendly." - Fred Tricker

"Long live Legacy!!" - Stephen Schreifer

We Own the Boats...You Own the Memories